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 Howdy, it's deMzzhouzen the 4th.

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Howdy, it's deMzzhouzen the 4th. Empty
PostSubject: Howdy, it's deMzzhouzen the 4th.   Howdy, it's deMzzhouzen the 4th. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 11:55 am

1. umm, I play CoD4 with you guys sometimes, I like long e-walks along the beach and I'm beached as.
2. 15
3. Palmerston North, New Zealand
4. Student
5. probs have to be, Chuck or Fringe
6. Never Back Down
7. CoD,L4D,CS:S,TF2,WC3:TFT,CoD2,Worms World Party
8. M40A3/R700, AK47/M4, AK74U
9. de_nuke
10. hmm, nothing .
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Howdy, it's deMzzhouzen the 4th.
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